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John Brevard

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John Brevard is an American designer, architect, artist / sculptor, investor, developer, and entrepreneur. Brevard is the architect and co-founder of the ONE Community in Iceland.   

After a near death experience at age 14, Brevard became fascinated by the life cycle and transcendental experiences as they relate to natural patterns and theoretical sciences. As such, his designs are often derived from fractal geometry found in nature. 

In 2010, Brevard started his namesake lifestyle brand, which includes accessories, furniture, art, and sculpture. His products can be found at various retail stores in the U.S. and internationally.  

In 2015, Brevard launched the Thoscene customization platform. Thoscene is an online parametric modeling platform that utilizes biomimetic structures and astrological algorithms to create unique forms (sculpture, furniture, jewelry, architecture, etc.) inspired by the user’s inputs (date, time, location of birth).  

Brevard then used this platform to create the design for the ONE Community, a sustainable development project in Iceland.

John Brevard is a member of the CFDA.

Brevard's early life was shaped by a near death experience at age 14. This early experince shaped his philosophy and design theory. After his near death experience, John began sketching his visions.



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