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John Brevard

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John Brevard is a lifestyle brand integrating design, technology, sustainability, and consciousness.

Brevard’s bio-mimetic designs are expressed in six series that are based on natural geometries and phenomenology. The first five are named Fabri, Orthofract, Verahedra, Morphogen, and Spherical. Their combined forms coalesce into Singularity, whose theme reflects the unity of past, presence, and future.

John Brevard applies his background in architecture, ecology, and multidisciplinary arts to create biomimetic designs that are both visually appealing and conceptually rich. Inspired by dimensional hyperspace and principles of natural order, each creation is symbolic of the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole. From an early age, Brevard has been fascinated by the life cycle and mystical experiences as they relate to proportions and patterns found in nature and theoretical sciences, namely sacred geometry & fractals.  

In 2015, the John Brevard flagship store opened in the heart of the Lower East Side in New York City In conjunction with the store opening, Brevard launched the Thoscene customization platform.  Thoscene was built to focus the user on their interconnectedness with the natural ecosystem. By utilizing parametric modeling software, biomimetic forms, and astrological algorithms, Thoscene allows customers to order & 3d print in store one-of-a-kind jewelry, art, and accessories pieces based on personal inputs such as time, date and location of birth.  The Thoscene platform can also be used to create architectural structures based on the individuals or countries date of birth, the first Thoscene created structure is in Iceland. Thoscene exists for people to connect more deeply with themselves and the earth.

Brevard's primary focus and passion is sustainable design and consciousness based education.
Brevard's early life was shaped by a near death experience at age 14. This early experince shaped his philosophy and design theory. After his near death experience, John began sketching his visions.



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