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Star's Engagement Ring

This piece can be customized to meet your needs.
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This unique engagement ring is unlike any other. Inspired by sacred geometry, namely the star tetrahedron. The Star Tetrahedron is two tetrahedrons combined, interlaced and balanced. This geometry is often referred to as the Merkabah. The star tetrahedron is the life force that comes out of the Earth, creating an evolutionary spin that evolved and created all the kingdoms – minerals, plants, animals, humans. This magical piece is for that special person who sees the world differently. This unique custom cut pentagon diamond is 10 MM in diameter and the weight is around 1.3-1.5cts/Pc. The stone color is VS1/H color. This piece is currently seen in white gold but can be customized in many different options. Diamonds: 1 Piece 10mm 1.4 cts VS1/H 4 Pieces .8mm. .0012 cts VS,SI1 4 Pieces 1mm. .0020 cts. VS,SI1 18 Pieces 1.1 .0108. cts. VS,SI1 36 Pieces 1.2. .0288. cts. VS,SI1 4 Pieces 1.3 .040. cts. VS,SI1 6 Pieces 1.5. .090. cts. VS,SI1 20 Pieces 1.7. .440. cts. VS,SI1 93 Total Diamonds. 2.398 cts Weight 8. G Price: 56,095 Each piece is made to order and therefore not returnable. Additionally, production times vary around 6-8 weeks.
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